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Dear Friend,

I know for a fact you’re tired of those no good betting systems that say they have all the secrets to winning big with betting.

It just doesn’t happen!

If you’re ready for something that does all the heavy lifting for you and can help you win every time then give me 5 to 10 minutes of your time to show you how easy it is to bet with The Bettors Bot and how I rake in boat loads of cash with online betting….

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Who am I?

Hello my name is Donald Hague. I am currently among the top 2% of the punters today making a full time, steady income with online betting.

Every month while using The Bettors Bot (my secret weapon), I have raked in more cash from betting than most people make at a 9 to 5 full time job. But the best part about it is I take the gamble out of things so I know I will win; it’s not gambling when you know you will win.

I don’t claim to be a GURU, a bookie and I don’t claim to have the latest secrets on how to make winning bets. (Those that do say they have every secret known to man are usually handing you BS)

Here recently I was nothing more than your average punter trying to make online betting my full time job. I basically took my hobby and turned it into a gold mine because at the time I didn’t have a choice, I was dead broke and jobless.

But if there is a secret to betting I have no idea what it is… (in most cases it doesn’t even exist, sleazy marketers came up with the word “secrets”)

I use what works, and what works only; No fairy tale gimmicks. I use a system that I created after I tried almost every betting tipster and ebook on the market and got nowhere. But after developing this system I no longer “gave a hoot” about what others were pitching because I was making so much money.

I started to profit more and more each time; stuffing my bank account full of cash…..

It took me a while to get use to that kind of money….because at first I didn’t have anything now money comes in droves!

I made this software because I had no choice. If I didn’t come up with something that made me money fast and easy you wouldn’t be sitting here reading this. I would either be homeless or working a dead-end job that pays pennies.

And I was also lucky enough to have a smart brother in law as a computer programmer to help me build such a powerful system. I gave him the idea I was going after and what I wanted it to do.

Ok, that’s enough about me…you won’t make any money by simply listening to my life’s story.

Let’s continue on….

The secret weapon I’ve been using takes a betting strategy i developed and puts it on autopilot! It finds the right opportunities to bet and all you have to do is exploit them.

When you have a software that gives you all these sure to win opportunities on daily basis its almost unfair to others that don’t have this and are betting freely off of so called secrets. You have no risk involved while others are going off fairy tale dreams risking it all.

All you have to do is click the mouse a few times and you get endless results daily.

I had to test this system to make sure that it can work for anybody!

Only a few lucky people will be able to use this exclusive tool…

Here are a few points to keep in mind before you continue reading…


No experience in betting or horse racing is required, simply follow the step by step instructions and enter a few pieces of data and everything is done!


No extra fees or expenses, after you get ‘Betting Bot’ (if your lucky enough) all you will ever need is an internet connection to place your bets. That’s it!


You no longer have to spend days in front of the computer, tell the software what to do while you spend time enjoying the money it’s making you.


Any math skills. Calculating odds you can forget about it, it’s all automated.


You don’t even have to know about betting to use this software its just that easy to use. Set the software up and let it do the rest for you.

Grabbing The Bettors Bot right now is crucial, you know why….

And that’s a fact!

The reason for that is all betting exchanges are there to suck your bank account dry. The system is fixed for you to lose so that they make more money. but there is still a bunch of so called gurus trying to teach you the secrets to not lose.

But believe me I have been down that road. Those secrets don’t do anything but help you lose money even faster.

They want you to keep looking for a solution to fix your problem; that’s why they continue to keep release new secrets monthly. Like really, if you have all the secrets give me them all at once don’t keep making me buy guide after guide thinking you’re telling me something new when you’re not.

Sorry about that got a little upset there, because I have had so much of my hard earned cash wasted on those so called secret guides to betting like a pro.

That’s why I had to create something that works without all the hype just straight forward software that gives you guaranteed way of winning.

My earnings speak for itself how powerful The Bettors Bot is…..

Here are the facts….

It takes a lot of thinking and calculating to make the right decision so you don’t lose, right?

Just think about it for a minute: in order to get a sure way to win you have to do some heavy research do this; to do that its hard work if you don’t want to lose your money. So why not have something that does all that for you just by clicking a few buttons?

The Bettors Bot does everything for you. Everything is on autopilot, so all you have to do is follow the system and there is no way that you can lose; it’s a sure thing!

After letting a few of my family member and a few other punters try out The Bettors Bot I asked them what my price should be for this software. And let me just tell you if I went with what they suggested the price should be only a select few could afford this.

But I thought I want this software to be affordable for everyone to use, because I know how it feels to be broke and don’t know where to turn.

So for a limited time you can get The Bettors Bot for a crazy low price of only $39!!!

And that’s just one fee; No monthly fees no nothing just $39! And its guaranteed lifetime updates. So you can pay a one time low cost investment and earn a lifetime of income you can’t beat that. This deal is a no brainer for everyone.

…And to make the deal even sweeter

Try Betting Bot at my expense for a FULL 60 Days… use it to make more money with Betfair for a full 2 months… and if for any reason or no reason at all you’re not completely satisfied with this revolutionary software... simply send me an email and I will refund every dollar you spent. I won’t even ask you any questions… and guess what? We’ll still be friends.

Like I said before if it doesn’t make you huge profits show me everything you have done in 60 days and you somehow failed you get your money back plus $100 out of my pocket. So how can you lose?

Another thing is you don’t have much time on this offer. I have to limit the number of copies I release. As of right now only a select few are using Betting Bot and profiting big and I don’t want my software to become watered down. So you don’t have long before I close this down for good.

Start betting without the risk because after I have reached 200 members, Betting Bot is off the market for good and will never be released at any price ever again.

I know the power of this software and I know what it can do for you, you have to be the one to take action though.

So lock in your spot now because waiting around will get back to square one; buying so called secret guides that help you lose money faster than you placed the bet!

All the best,

Donald Hague

P.S. Betting Bot is only for those looking for a sure way to win every time they make a bet. It guarantees results and profits-and is complete automated which only takes a few minutes to setup.

P.S.S. I’m taking all the risk. Offering you a 60 day money back guarantee plus money out of my pocket, there is no risk involved for you only gain!


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